house, electrohouse, electro

DJ Barthezz, born as Tomas Barton - 29. June 1984, has started to play and even listen to the dance music at june 2007. Short while after, he has moved to Prague, after few sessions in the underground of family house. He lent his first equipment from his friend and DJ Mirek Marek, who together with experienced DJ Jerycho (Stereophonic Experience) teaches DJ Barthez how to play and also do show-off how to produce some musice track at his very early start.

His favourit music styles are electrohouse, house, progresive to electro, but he is not affraid to speed up of put some "commercial" track on the deck. His first opportunity to play as a DJ in front of audience was at the New Years Eve 2008 in club Bongo Bongo. After that there was participation on parties in Manana Music Bar and first bigger show in club Mystery (Kostelec nad Labem), where he was arranging succesful party called My Music is Blue Music.

After few succesful parties and then offer to play in Street Cafe, he was invited for the night called Summit in Pekelny Bar, by duo Stereophonic Experience, where after succesful night starts to thing about his own style.

After his short show-time period, he attended on a lot of good parties which he was arranging, or which were arranged by his good friends in whose he is in contact with them all the time and with whose were participating also on My Music is Blue Music. This project connects the project mostly to club scene of major city Prague, but also outside.

In March 2009 he si moving to Teplice, where is playing and together with DJ Tyler creates new music project called FullHouse Project.

He can appreciate not just production clubs, but also his friends and owners of big discothekes, where he could play in front of big audience.

He was taking inspiration from DJ's Mirek Marek, Jerycho & Brady (Stereophonic Experience), Motka, Spin, Matio, but also Marek Rericha, Marcos, Pete Walk, Rewis, Adam Cloud, Ickebara, Bylly Bright, Phill Crow, T9 and others.

He was resident DJ of Bongo bongo, Manana Music Bar, Mystery, Street Cafe music bar, but also he played in Pekelny Bar (Summit), Posilovna MC Mnichovo Hradiste (Evolution One), Club Woko Jablonec nad Nisou (Evolution of The Blue Music), Blue Bar (Doksy - Macha's Lake)...