Fullhouse Project is group of two DJs - Barthezz & Tyler, who met each other in april 2009 in North of Czech republic in club Alex, on the part of regional A-CREW called ALEX MIX 7 and immediately in few first tracks Barthezz knew that there is something very estonishing in Tylers mix, so they start to talk about collaboration.

Their sound is very similar, but different in many ways - that is the fact why their collaboration could bring new dimension of music. Barthezz plays from progressive to electrohouse and Tyler is rather harder electro, progressive or vocal house, but he is not affraid to mix commercial track as well.

Both has similar taste and passion for mixing, they are both interested in music production and their possible perspective. In their co-operated mixes, they are not strictly connected only in one style of music, but they try to put track line into "FullHouse".

After few meetings and exchange of ideas they are realising, that both have same music taste and lot of similar. First time they had "battle" on Wednesday House Fever, what was just an experiment, but useful, because they are getting closer to each other even more.

They were both interested in the other ones sound, so they have talked about, they have played together again and then Barthezz realised what about to create "FullHouse Project" and connect both guys to co-operate production. Tyler agreed and at the begining of new year they put together new webpage and tracks for their new Promo CD, arrange their own parties. In March The Project starts to work and twins are about to record their promo mix.

Arrangment of parties for them is not easy because of their jobs, so there is possibility to hear "FullHouse" just once a month.

They try to find possibility to play in smaller clubs on the north clubs, where they try together with residents "Please wait..." create a name in northern part of CZ, but also in Pragues club scene.

Project is in it's very begining and not just Fullhouse DJs are interested in their furher performance.

Please wait... :D